pilight 6.0

pilight 6.0

After nine months of developing, struggling with a big burgulary in which all computer equipment was stolen except an ancient backup hard-drive, and doing 66879 additions and 15921 deletions it's finally here: pilight version 6.0. Our statistics show we don't do develop for nothing as our usebase increases each month.

If you are a happy pilight user then please consider a donation (of any amount) to support the project. Donations are keeping this project running in regard to server maintainance, experimenting with new equipment and such.

Also notice that this version requires a complete rewrite of your configuration. Check the various Getting Started pages for more information.

New Features


The new pilight eventing library allows you to create rules on which various actions should occur. Examples could be turning various light off when watching a movie and turning them on again when pausing the movie. Or using your regular remote control to switch lights on or off. Check the special eventing page for more information.

Configuration rewrite

pilight has now adopted a single configuration structure instead of multiple separate ones. The new configuration structure also separates the device configuration from the GUI configuration. This means that you can more easily define devices that shouldn't be visible in the GUI and have several GUI layouts based on the device you are using. Check the special configuration page for more information.

BananaPi, Raspberry Pi 1 & 2, and Hummingboard support

pilight has replaced wiringPi by wiringX (also by CurlyMo) to natively support various small form factor computers by default. pilight currently runs stable on the Raspberry Pi 1 & 2, BananaPi, and Hummingboard. By adopting wiringX, the SoC support has become modular. Therefor, adding support for new computers is as easy as writing a new protocol or hardware interface.

Improved pilight API

The new pilight API no longer works with client types to determine what the a client should or shouldn't be able to do. In the new API clients determine themselves what they want to communicate. These settings can be changed on the fly so clients can turn off or on certain communication possibilities. Check the new API page for more information.

New protocols

The following new protocols were added.


  • Auriol
  • Alecto WX500 (thanks to TommyBear)
  • NinjaBlocks (thanks to wo_rasp)
  • Renamed threechan to alecto_ws1700
  • Renamed conrad to tfa


  • Düwi (same as arctech_switch_old)
  • Eurodomest (same as arctech_switch_old)
  • Promax (same as arctech_switch_old)
  • RSL366 (same as arctech_switch_old)
  • RC101 / RC102
  • gpio_switch
  • Techlico (thanks to wo_rasp)
  • Quigg GT1000 (thanks to RinusW).


  • SC2662


  • KlikAanKlikUit


  • D-IO (same as arctech_screen).
  • Quigg (thanks to wo_rasp).


  • BMP180 / BMP085 (thanks to hstroh).


  • Renamed rpi_temp to cpu_temp
  • KlikAanKlikUit Dusk / Dawn
  • Ping (with the help of wo_rasp).
  • Arping


  • New mongoose version.
  • Included SSL library and rewrote https_lib.
  • Fine tuned thread priorities.
  • Added wind support in webGUI.
  • Stack traces on crashes.
  • Improved socket library memory usages.
  • Adjustable Ajax / Websockets setting.
  • Removed 433pilight (never released kernel module driver).
  • Removed pilight-learn.
  • Added registry object.
  • All decimals are now properly stored and communicated.
  • Allow disabling the watchdog in the settings with: watchdog-enable (default 1).
  • Renamed elro protocols by their type names.
  • Made the XBMC protocol Kodi compatible.
  • Made log library thread safe.


  • Improved UUID generator.
  • Fixes a lot of (potential) memory leaks.
  • Replaced strtok with own explode function.

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