Apps & Plugins

Android repository

Some pilight apps cannot be installed throught the Google App repository. This decision was made because of the terms and conditions Google uses for the play store. Instead, pilight supports the F-Droid open source android app repository. All apps in this repository have an Open Source license and their source can be found on the internet.

To install (some) Android apps made for pilight, follow the following procedure with your Android smartphone:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the "Download F-Droid" button to download the F-Droid APK.
  3. Once downloaded, click on the FDroid.apk file and install it.
  4. Open F-Droid in your applications screen.
  5. Press the settings button of your phone
  6. Choose Repositories
  7. Press the settings button of your phone again.
  8. Choose New Repository
  9. Add as the Repository address, leave the other fields empty.
  10. Click on Add
  11. Click on the new source
  12. Click on Update
  13. Click on your phones Back button twice to return to the F-Droid main menu.
  14. Then click on the dropdown button and select Utilities.
  15. Then install the illumina or pilight apps.

Please mail us your APK if you want your app included in the pilight app repository.

Mobile Phone


  1. illumina
    By Peter Heisig & CurlyMo
    @ F-Droid pilight repository

    An Android pilight app actively being developed by CurlyMo (pilight main developer) due to lack of other Android developers. It therefor supports the latest features of pilight. It would be great if someone can take over development so CurlyMo can focus on the core of pilight.

    illumina was closed source and available through the Google app store until v1.3.1. After this version, Peter has made the code open source and gave it a GPLv3 license. Since then it was forked by pilight and actively developed by CurlyMo (for now). Version numbers are kept in sync with the main pilight daemon.
  2. pilight android 4.1+
    By Zatta
    @ F-Droid pilight repository & Google Play Store

    This another pilight Android App that uses all capabilities of Android 4.1+. It is therefore not usable on devices running a lower version. It can run as a service that automatically connects or disconnects from pilight when in your home network.

iOS Apps

  • pilightControl
    By Chris Engelhardt
    @iPhone App Store

    An iOS app for pilight.

Smart Watch

Android Wear

  1. Home Companion
    By Stefan Heintz
    @ Google Play Store

    Home Companion is an app for the SmartWatch to control your devices in your SmartHome based on Android Wear. Main functionality is to see the status of your connected devices and switch it on or off from your watch or handheld device. It requires Android 5.0+.

Pebble Apps

  1. pilight
    By Bert de Ruiter
    @ Pebble App Store

    Control pilight from your pebble smart watch.


  1. pilight php library
    By Sven Eisenschmidt

    This is a simple php class that wraps pilight-send commands. Unfortunately it doesn't use the socket connection, but calls the pilight clients.
  2. pilighthelper
    By onkeloki

    This is also a simple php class, but this one wraps pilight-control commands. This also doesn't use the socket connection for pilight communication.
  3. Fhem module
    By Andreas Fey

    pilight is now natively supported by fhem.
  4. Tasker plugin
    By FrostedKiwi

    An tasker plugin that allows adding pilight tasks.
  5. piSchedule
    By gneandr

    piSchedule supports time scheduled switching of devices using a menu driven approach on a web interface using your smartphone, tablet or PC. Only running a browser is required for setup, operation, logging and documentation. piSchedule is an excellent tool to control home lightning also while absent. That way it simulates activities at your home. A day plan can vary with sunrise/sunset or with random offset time.

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