Welcome to the pilight project


version 5.0 released


A new band-pass filter has been released (currently Europe only).

pilight now sells the approved sender and receiver (currently Europe only).

pilight is a free open source full fledge domotica solution that runs on a Raspberry Pi, HummingBoard, BananaPi, Radxa, but also on *BSD and various linuxes (tested on Arch, Ubuntu and Debian). It's open source and freely available for anyone. pilight works with a great deal of devices and is frequency independent. Therefor, it can control devices working at 315Mhz, 433Mhz, 868Mhz etc. Support for these devices are dependent on community, because we as developers don't own them all.

The main feature pilight are:

  • Open Source.
  • Free.
  • Fully modular as in protocols and hardware modules, and a rich API.
  • Integrated webserver and webGUI.
  • Light-Weight

Open Source

The pilight source can be found on the internet at https://github.com/pilight/. pilight is largely dependent on community input so if you have any suggestions, improvements and fixes feel free to fork us.


pilight is free as in free speech. It's licensed under the GPLv3. However, we believe that just like in free speech, free doesn't mean that there are no morals here. So, if you have plans with the source code of pilight or want to restribute it, please discuss these things first. We can't legally stop you, but we want to prevent any cases in which pilight itself get's a bad reputation, because the community is doing things we didn't approve.

Fully Modular

pilight is modular in about every inch. Adding new protocols is really easy just like adding new hardware modules. The API allows users to develop new applications that interact with pilight. The community already developed phone apps, desktop apps and various plugins for various other projects.

Webserver and webGUI

pilight has an integrated webserver and serves an intergrated webGUI. This allows users to immediatly start using pilight in all it's capacity. The webGUI makes it easy to control devices or to see their states. It also allows pilight to be controlled by various devices. Those who don't want to install the phone apps can just use the browser.

Light Weight

pilight is written in C. This means that it's really fast and doesn't use much resources. All plugins are compiled into pilight so the overhead of the plugins is also kept to a minimum. pilight is also constantly checked for memory leaks or other errors that could lead to system instability by using valgrind and gdb. This seems logical, but there are way more regular linux programs that have issues than you can imagine.

Did i miss some great feature of pilight, please let me know.

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